Daily planning

A productive day starts with a fine breakfast

Start your day with a delicious and healthy breakfast. We will take care about this important part of a day. Would you rather eat in your room or at the restaurant? It doesn’t matter, because our excellent breakfast will make your day truly special.

Have a nice morning!
Relaxation and massage

Listen to
your body

City life is full of stress, that’s why it’s so important to take few moments just for yourself… Remember that relaxation is an important step on your way to the top. Just stop and breath out calmly. Let our professional massage therapists chase away your daily routine.

Business appointments, business lunch, coffee

Focus on important things

You will be focused on the most important tasks in our stylish conference hall fitted with all the necessary equipment. Experiment, communicate and work hard while we prepare a delicious lunch at our restaurant just for you.

Walk around the city

Discover something new about the city

Смотреть фото

Look at the city from a new angle on a promenade. Set aside your cell-phone and just walk around the old center. Slowly. Without any hurry. Rest assured, you will remember this walk. The old center is nearby, just a couple of minutes by foot, and it’s waiting for you.

Dinner and nightlife

All entertainment in the same spot

Visit our parties if you want to dance and listen to music. Live music will make your evening better and brighten up your mood.

Would you rather spend your evening quietly? Visit our hookah lounge and sink into its inviting atmosphere.

Let this evening be a satisfying stop at the end of the day.

Rest in the room

Enjoy your sleep

Comfort and silence are essential for healthy sleep. Don’t you have those moments when pillow becomes your best friend? You will have a calm rest, we guarantee it.

Good night. Tomorrow is a new day! Are you ready?

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